Supplier Diversity

We hold active certifications by the CPUC, DGS, NSMDC and Council for Supplier Diversity (San Diego) as minority business enterprise (MBE), diverse business enterprise (DBE) and small business (SBA).


Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


A minority-owned business is defined as being owned, capitalized, operated and controlled by a member of an identified minority group. We hold an active MBE certification as Hispanic American under registration number AZ11299.



Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE)

The mission of the Council for Supplier Diversity is to use the disciplines of Supplier Diversity initiatives as an engine for economic development in under represented communities. We hold an active DBE certification under registration number 122013068


California Utilities Public Commission (CPUC)

The CPUC issued all utility companies with gross revenues in excess of $25 million to implement programs to increase utilization of woman and minority owned businesses. We hold an active CPUC certification under VON number 13110044.


Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as the basis for its size standards. We self-certify as small business under NAICS codes 517110, 517210, 517410, 517911, 541512, 541513, 541611, 541614,  541618 and 541690.


San Diego Gas & Electric (Sempra)

We are proud to acknowledge our certificate of recognition for completion of the Mastering Business Growth (MBG) program sponsored by the SOCAL GAS / SDG&E SUPPLIER DIVERSITY INSTITUTE (SSDI).


Top Minority-Owned Businesses - 2015 & 2016

We are unbelievably proud of our accomplishments and recognition. Our list of globally positioned clients speaks volume to the merit of our optimization efforts and that protecting the client is a well overdue value proposition.