Carrier Management Strategies is a certified minority-owned, controlled and operated General Contractor of IT Services headquartered in San Diego, CA. Our approach is unique in that our optimization strategies protect the financial and operational interests of the client.

Business Model

We shield our clients from over-spending on technology — that is the core of our business model. We follow a similar process when assessing wireline (i.e. telecommunications, networking, etc.), wireless (i.e. mobility, satellite, etc.) and hardware maintenance (i.e. servers, routers, switches, printers, scanners, etc.) services.



Phase 1: Aggravation Assessment – in this phase, we discuss client pain-points with technology, steps to mitigate frustration and overall business compatibility. We apply industry insight to uncover opportunities to lower OPEX.

Phase 2:
Optimization Process — during this optional phase, we deploy an optimization strategy based on Phase 1 results. Our efforts during this phase may include procuring, contracting, installing and ongoing management of technology services.

Phase 3:
Lifecycle Management – during this optional phase, we augment client process by way of third party tools and/or remote personnel to ensure that Phase 2 optimization efforts remain optimized into the future.

The business reality is that clients are left to fend for themselves — it’s a constant battle for the client to determine the pricing truth. This long video describes the company philosophy along with client testimonials.


Privately held since our inception in 2010. Our optimization strategies are deployed worldwide to support our base of Fortune 10~500 clients. Whether by land, air or sea, we protect our clients to the four corners of the earth.

Executive Biography

Nicholas G. Miliotis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas serves as the lead strategist. He brings a good-natured spirit to the boardroom that serves as the foundation for building long-term trust. “Not all of my efforts need to come with an invoice”. He has 27+ years of experience as a buyer, seller and user of technology.

“In my earlier years, I was fortunate to have traveled globally training our military forces on the various satellite and terrestrial networks. That experience provided two key milestones – it served as the foundation to architect voice & data solutions for the Fortune 100 and it exposed an ugly truth about the profitability of the IT industry. I believe that the technology industry is geared to systematically corral buyers into believing solutions are built to protect the client yet once exposed we see evidence of self-serving interests to protect margin levels of the industry.”

CMS was created in 2010 with the vision to protect the financial and operational interests of the client – our list of globally positioned clients speaks volume to the merit of our optimization efforts and that protecting the client is a well overdue value proposition.

  • BSEET in Electronic Engineering Technology, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ.).
  • MBA in Strategic Management, DePaul University (Chicago, IL.).
  • MBE/DBE/CPUC/SBA/DGS supplier diversity certifications.

“In my spare time, I enjoy a good round of golf, learning multiple languages and serving as a Leadership Ambassador for the Council for Supplier Diversity (San Diego).”

Nicholas lives in San Diego, CA. (during the Winter), Chicago, IL. (during the Summer), with aspirations to retire in Mexico (all year round). He is originally from Long Beach, CA.